Motorised Scooters and Wheelchairs Repairs

At Delcon, you will be provided with access to our electrical/electronic specialist whether you have purchased the wheelchair or scooter from us. Our experienced team of engineers service and repair all makes and models of motorised wheelchairs and scooters at our workshop. We will provide an estimate prior to any repair work carried out.

Annual Service Inspection

Most manufacturers recommend that you service your motorised wheelchair or scooter once a year for safety reasons. Here at Delcon, we provide multi-point inspection which include areas such as:-

Batteries and connections, Battery Chargers, Wheels and Tyres, Controller and Wirings, Seating, Lights, Horns, Brakes, Chassis Joints n Transaxle Mounts, Frame and Structure ie Footrests/Armrests etc.

If any major faults are discovered, we will contact you to offer advice and quote any additional costs necessary before proceeding with the repair.

Wheelchair Maintenance and Cleaning Services

We provide wheelchairs maintenance and cleaning services for all wheelchair models. We will clean and sanitise the wheelchair parts ie seats, the armrest, the wheels etc. Plus we will pump up tires, tighten loose parts, and lubricate the parts where necessary to ensure smooth running of the wheelchairs. This is especially important for the aged homes, hospitals, airlines etc to ensure that the wheelchairs provided for customer's usage are in tip top and clean condition.

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